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Education is the way by which one can live their dream. It is the most important criteria in today’s scenario. Every parent has a dream to give the best education to their children. No matter which class they belong, every parent work hard to fulfill their child’s dream.
Educational field saw many changes. Today parents are concerned of their children’s education. They want to see their child ahead of others and for this they give quality education. Apart from schooling, today every kid want to join a tuition for extra support. Online tutor and home tutor both have their own benefits and importance. Tuition teacher teaches students directly. Students can interact to their teachers face to face and study under their guidance.
Whereas online teaching is a method through which students’ study online. Today everything is transforming, and the use of digital platforms has increased. Keeping this in mind, most of the schools have their digital classes. Because many surveys concluded that student’s study and understand properly and easily through digital method. It is an interesting platform which always attract students.
Online tutor does online teaching job whereas tuition teacher teaches through the old method. The answer of the title is different for everyone because of their own perspectives. For some digital method is not preferable because it can harm their child’s eyes. But on the other hand, it is no doubt the best option to give education because children take interest in watching and they can study better.
Notes of different boards like CBSE study notes are available online. So today we cannot keep our child away from technologies. Keeping all these points in mind one can easily decide whether home tutor is better or an online tutor.

Should I hire Home Tutor or Online Tutor for my kids ?

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