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Revision for the last 10 days 12th Physics

Physics Subjects is no doubt a very hard subject. So below are some of the tips for preparing for the Physics exam just 10 days before the exam commences:-

  • Be Positive: Avoid negative self-talk and other life patterns that put you under undue pressure and hamper your performance.
  • Revise more than once for gaining full mastery over every section of Physics: The candidate should not start a new topic just a day before the examination. Revise the books (or, study materials/class notes) that you already have gone through before. When you don’t have much time to revise then students should not get stuck on any particular topic or chapter. Students should first revise the complete syllabus without getting stuck. Afterward, if they still have time with them, then they can revise the complete syllabus once again.
  • Do not forget the basics: While attempting the paper, take it one question at a time. If you do not know how to solve it, move on. And if you know how to, then decide whether you want to work on it right now or leave it for later depending upon how much time it is likely to take. Stay motivated and hungry to go from the potential percentiles towards actual percentiles.The popular diagrams like – image formation in lenses, telescope, astronomical telescope, compound microscope, AC and DC generator, magnetic field in the magnet, etc. must be practiced before the exam.
  • Revise Formulas: Go through the formulas once to tackle all numerical problems
  • Avoid the last-minute rush and hassle: Do visit the test center once before the actual day. That will ensure that you are acquainted with the route and the other logistics. Gather all the necessary implements and documents, particularly your admit card. Relax a day before the exam.
  • D-Day: Finally, on the D-day, breathe in and breathe out. Remember that each one of us has the power to move a mountain. You have all that it takes to conquer this exam and a lot beyond this exam.
  • Important instructions: Read the instructions carefully before writing the exam and try to complete the exam within the restricted time.
  • How to attempt: Start with the easier section and leave tougher questions for the other round.
  • Confidence: Be confident and leave a question if you are not sure about it.
  • Sleep well: You need to take a minimum of seven hours of sleep in the night to remember while you are attempting exams. These tests are designed to think and in case you are sleep-deprived then you will not be able to justify or complete your exam paper for which you have put in hard work.
  • Don’t evaluate post-examination: If you think that for one of the answers you have written an incorrect answer, please don’t panic post examination. At that point, you will not be able to do anything or change your score. Stay focused on the next one instead to ensure that the same mistake isn’t repeated.
Revision for the last 10 days 12th Physics

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