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Revision for the last 10 days 12th Mathematics

Mathematics is one of those subjects where a perfect cent um can be scored if given the proper preparation pattern and time.

  • The most important topic in CBSE Maths where is Calculus, which carries a whopping 44% marks. The chapter Differential Equations contain the “application-based” difficult questions.
  • The next highest marks in CBSE Maths is Vectors and 3D geometry with a 17% marks given. It should be noted that both these subjects are practice-based. Solve the problems given here to get more practice.
  • Probability, Relations and Functions and Algebra have marks of 10%, 10%, and 13% respectively. Relations and Functions is a chapter that doesn’t require additional practice to the NCERT problems given in the textbook.
  • Linear Programming has a 6% saying in your final marks. A little practice of understanding the questions and writing the linear equations might easily grant you the 5 marks.

Important Topics By Marks

  • Calculus – 44 marks
  • Vectors and 3-D Geometry – 17 marks
  • Algebra – 13 marks
  • Relations and functions and Probability – 10 marks each

How to Prepare for Class 12 CBSE Maths 10 days before exam?

  • The topics to mainly focus on in Calculus are Limit of Sum, Maxima and Minima application problems, Application of Integrals and Properties of Definite Integrals. As said earlier, one must be adept at translating the equations into their plots, a skill acquired only through practice.
  • In Matrices and DeterminantsMatrix MethodInverse of a Square matrix and Properties of Determinants are very important. Know the row-column transformation problems well. One step wrong in them could be the end.
  • Other important topics are the Concept of line and plane in 3D and Bayes Theorem in Probability.
  • While preparing for CBSE Maths, it is always a good practice to note down all the important formulas and in the case of Calculus, the most important graphs. One can also note down the most frequent type of questions. This will prove to be very easy during the final days of preparation.
  • Solve the miscellaneous solved and unsolved problems in the NCERT book for CBSE Maths. Then move on to solving the sample papers. Remember, first you should know the NCERT book completely. Only then move to a reference book.
  • Do not just mug up formulas. Understand the application aspect of them well. Otherwise, the memorized formulas may prove to be of no use.
  • To score marks, it is important to write down every important step in a descriptive way.
  • To manage time, sit down and solve the past year’s sample papers and make sure you complete the paper in 3 hours. See the shortcomings, if any, you have in those 3 hours and see which topics they come from and give more attention to that aspect. It is always a good practice to solve the long answers first and then move to the other sections in decreasing order of marks. This will not let you panic at the end of the paper.
Revision for the last 10 days 12th Mathematics

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