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Revision for the last 10 days 12th Chemistry

Get CBSE Class 12th Chemistry subject is not at all very tough. It is a very easy subject if the candidate prepares each chapter very appropriately. The following are the tips with the help of which students can score a decent score in Class 12th Chemistry board exam:

The syllabus of the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry is huge and divided into physical chemistry, organic chemistry, and inorganic chemistry. It is not an easy task to revise all the chapters of the CBSE Class 12th Chemistry syllabus especially when students have not studied all the chapters earlier.

When the candidate goes through the latest CBSE syllabus for Class 12th Chemistry then they will find different chapters with different marks.

With the help of chapter wise marks distribution, candidates can easily observe that the marks of organic chemistry are maximum (28 marks) in CBSE Class 12th Chemistry board exam 2017. So, candidates should start revising organic chemistry.

Now, some students may have good command in various chapters of physical chemistry rather than organic chemistry. In this case, students should start revising the chapter of physical chemistry. It is highly recommended that first revise chapters that are easy for you in minimum time.

The latest CBSE sample paper of Class 12 Chemistry will give you an idea about changes in the latest examination pattern whereas previous year papers will give you an idea about the level of questions & important concepts which are frequently asked in the CBSE board exam, every year.

Revision of CBSE sample paper & previous year papers is extremely important and students should devote at least half of their time in doing this task.

Often students get the same question in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam 2017 from these papers.

  • Revise often without getting stuck

When you don’t have much time to revise then it is important that you should not get stuck on any particular topic or chapter of chemistry. Students should first revise the complete syllabus & papers without getting stuck. Keep on leaving the chapters which you have studied or prepared to date. Afterward, if you still have time with them, then you can revise the complete syllabus once again. You can also go through any important questions from previous year papers if you still have time with you.

  • Learn about the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Marking Scheme

As you start preparing for exams, you should also know how to write proper answers to score maximum marks in CBSE class 12 Chemistry board exam 2017. Here, proper answer means, writing to the point answer in a minimum number of words. The art of giving proper answers in CBSE Class 12th board exams can easily be understood with the help of a marking scheme issued by CBSE. You will find a marking scheme in Class 12th Chemistry Sample Paper issued by CBSE for 2017 board exams. While it is obvious that students already know about the marks distribution for Chemistry, however, it could be a good start to look at the marks distribution between the three branches of chemistry – Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Marks allotted to Physical Chemistry is 23, to Inorganic Chemistry is 19 and to Organic Chemistry is 28. Each section is important and students must divide their time equally revising each of the sections.

 Some points to remember while doing last-minute revision:

  • Go through all the formulas and chemical equations. Some of the important topics that should not be ignored are Molar mass determination, Raoult’s law, packing fraction and Adsorption isotherm, etc.
  • Solve at least one more sample paper before you sit for the exam.
  • Do not forget to practice numerical.
  • It is natural to feel nervous, but try to relax as you would be able to concentrate better if relaxed.
  • Do not try to cram at the last moment and do not compare your preparation with what others have done. For exam day, students are advised to read the question paper carefully and not miss out on any of the experiments.

As an added preparation tip, students should go through High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) type questions that were asked in the last couple of years. This would spare the students any element of surprise. While the questions may not be repeated, it would help students understand the pattern of such questions.



Revision for the last 10 days 12th Chemistry

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