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Revision for the last 10 days 12th Biology

For medical aspirants, Biology is the most crucial subject. CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus is vast and it’s difficult for the students to finish the entire syllabus on time and get some time for practice and revision. This can only be achieved if they properly plan their studies. Here we have provided the CBSE class 12 Biology preparation tips which will help students in effectively structuring their studies.

  • Get Acquainted with the Biology Exam Pattern

First, it is extremely important to understand the blueprint of the CBSE Class 12 Biology paper. The board releases the pattern every year to help the students get acquainted with the pattern and prepare accordingly. Knowing the pattern also helps to save some crucial time in the exam. An overview of the pattern is given below.

  • Complete the Basics and Stick to the Syllabus

Though the board exam gives choices, most of the time the choice-based questions are from the same unit. So, students need to prepare the entire syllabus thoroughly and be confident to tackle any question in the exam. The questions are asked from the syllabus so it is recommended that students should be restricted to the syllabus for board exam preparation. To know the complete syllabus prescribed by the CBSE visit CBSE Class 12 Biology Syllabus and check if all the topics are covered by the students.

  • Be Through with the Diagrams and Important Terminologies

Biology is a theoretical and conceptual subject. Students need to be well-versed with important terminologies. Apart from the terms and their definitions, the biology paper includes several diagram-related questions. Students can use flashcards to remember and revise important definitions and diagrams before the exam. Also, they need to practice the diagram many times so that in exam they draw the diagram fast.

Students must solve past year papers and CBSE Class 12 Biology sample papers to understand the type and pattern of the questions. Solving several questions will give them enough practice so that they can tackle any type of question in exam. Students could also be able to finish the paper in the allocated time duration. Practicing question paper will help students in knowing how much they are prepared to face the actual exam. They get to know their weak and strong points. Working on them will improve their performance in the exam.

  • Revise Properly, Especially the Important Topics

The last few days before the board exam should be mostly spent on revision. By regular revision, all the important points are retained and one can effectively remember the concepts during the exam. So, revise the chapter and diagrams properly at this time. Also, it is suggested to give additional attention to the important topics which hold more weightage. The chapter-wise weightage of biology class 12 syllabus is shown below:

These were some of the preparation tips for the biology exam. Apart from these preparation tips, some effective exam-taking strategies which will help in the last minute preparation for class 12 biology exam is also given below.

  • Strategies for Attempting the CBSE Class 12 Biology Paper
  • Write neatly and draw the diagrams using a sharp pencil.
  • Use a ruler to label the diagram and it is suggested to label the diagrams on the right side of the paper.
  • Underline important keywords and phrases in the answer.
  • Start new sections from a new page.
  • Include diagrams even if the question does not state (especially for 3, 4 and 5 marks questions).
  • Students should go through the Solution PDF which is released by CBSE for previous year Biology papers. This will help students in understanding the answer writing skills and step wise marks allocation method.
  • Time Management Strategies:
  • Finish section A in 25 mins as the questions are very short answer type.
  • Section B should be finished 40 minutes as 7 questions are included.
  • Use the last 10 to 15 minutes for revision and checking if all the questions are properly attempted.
  • Section D is long answer questions and one should not take more than 45 minutes to finish this section.
  • Section C includes 12 questions and so it should be finished within 1 hour.
Revision for the last 10 days 12th Biology

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