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Revision for the last 10 days 10th Science

The experts’ tips and resources provided here will help to jot down the last-10 days’ preparations for the Class 10 Science CBSE exam.

  • Check CBSE Class 10 Science Blue Print 2019- In order to make your revision sessions more productive, know the CBSE blueprint of class 10 Science subject. It gives you the details of Unit-wise marks as will be followed in CBSE Class 10 Science examination 2019. It will help you in properly planning your studies according to the weight allotted to different units of class 10 Science. We are providing here the CBSE Science blueprint for class 10. Students are advised to go through the blueprint and mark the important parts/topics in the subject and then keep on practicing the same to excel in the examinations.
  • Check important diagrams for class 10 Science- In the Science subjects, diagrams play an important role to represent your conceptual knowledge in a more clear and effective way. Presenting a neat and labeled diagram can fetch you maximum marks in your CBSE Class 10 Science exam. We have collated a set of important diagrams from Biology and Physics portions of Class 10 Science. All the diagrams are provided with detail for easy understanding. So, check the links given below for quick revision of class 10 Science important diagrams:
  • Check the CBSE Class 10 Science Sample Papers to acquaint with the CBSE question paper format and marking scheme- While revising for the exam, it’s very important to have an idea of the format that will be followed in the CBSE board question paper. It will give you an idea of the various categories under which questions of different marks will be asked in the exam. This will help you make an appropriate strategy to prepare for different sections in the question paper and then attempt it in a manageable way. Moreover, solving the problems designed by the subject experts employed by CBSE is a perfect way to gauge your preparation level.
  • Check the CBSE Guess Papers and Practice Papers designed by subject experts for Class 10 Science Exam 2019- Learning the concepts from books will never be effective in bringing you the success in exams. Practices help you obtain the desired scores. Subject experts have prepared a set of guess papers and practice papers to include all important questions from CBSE Class 10 Science. Practicing with these CBSE guess papers and practice papers will help strengthen your concepts and learning. This will also help you assess your preparation level, giving you a chance to improve further.
  • Take a quick look at the important reactions– Chemical reactions and their representation in the form of chemical equations form an important part of the Class 10 Science study material. Writing the relevant reactions precisely in your answers helps to give more emphasis to your words and brings maximum marks for you. In CBSE Class 10 Science Exam, some questions are directly based on chemical reactions taking place between different atoms/molecules.
Revision for the last 10 days 10th Science

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