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Revision for the last 10 days 10th Mathematics

Completing the Maths paper on time is a quite big challenge for some of the students because the long and tricky calculations consume a lot of time.

Mathematics being a tricky subject is one of the scoring subjects too. With proper analyzing the exam pattern, preparation, revision, and practice, students can score high in Math. Below are some last-10 days revision tips for the CBSE Class 10 students.

  • Time Management- Keeping an eye on your watch will help you keep a track of the time and know-how many questions are still left. Moreover, it will help you check that you are strictly adhering to the time allocation you have decided in the beginning. However, a minor variation in the time allotted to each section or question is not at all a reason to worry.  Along with preparing hard for an exam, it’s very important to make a strategy to write that exam in a proper way and in time as well so that your hard work gets reflected in your answer sheet. So, study hard and prepare smart, you will succeed.
  • Stick to your NCERT book only – However, after revising NCERT thoroughly, they can go through other books for understanding concepts in-depth. At the last minute, students must avoid learning new concepts or practicing new questions. Instead, they should revise what they already know.
  • Solve previous or sample papers, or take mock tests- Solve at least 1-2 previous or CBSE sample papers in a time-bound manner or take mock tests. This will help them test how effective their preparation is. Math is all about understanding the concepts and practicing them thoroughly; students must focus on understanding the underlying concept to do well in Math.
  • Create a plan for revising all chapters in the syllabus- Create a fresh study plan considering the concepts/chapters they have to cover and how much time is required for practicing them. They should also get their doubts cleared to avoid confusion. When students have only 1-2 days before the Math board exam, they must revise all the chapters and practice all concepts.
  • Emphasis on all important formulas and theorems- While practicing Math questions, students should focus on the formulas they are applying and understand the concept behind them. They can list out the formulas chapter-wise in a separate notebook for quick revision just before the board exam.
  • Focus on important topics as per marks- While it is essential to revise every chapter and practice all types of questions thoroughly, students should focus more on the important topics and chapter as per marks.
  • Maintain speed and accuracy hand in hand– Maintain accuracy while you are solving quickly. Make sure you don’t get confused between two different topics. Try to implement quicker methods in calculations to save your precious time. Be careful with the signs and terms used in a problem, otherwise, it will take a lot of time to solve a problem leading to an incorrect answer.
Revision for the last 10 days 10th Mathematics

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