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How can a student start their own blog?

In this modern period, technologies are growing faster and reaching every where. Everyone wants to earn some money for their personal expenses for others. Today writing blogs is a new way of earning money. Education blogging is also a way of knowledge sharing. For someone writing blogs is a way to share their thoughts, for some it is the way of earning and for others it is a way to spread knowledge.
One can start their own blog by creating their own page. There are many platforms through which one can create their page and start writing their own blogs. The other way is that many websites also give opportunities to their readers and users to start writing blogs for them.
There are many education blogging (Ed blogs) which permit users to share their knowledge. In these websites study notes of different boards like CBSE study notes are available. Users can also find toppers notes on such websites. Study materials for boards like CBSE study materials are also easily available.
To start own blogs, first it is mandatory to create a page. One should always write blogs with most searched keywords. Through this way their page can reach large number of people in less time. Creating own blog means it is a duty to write blogs regularly. Then only creating a blog would be beneficial.
Anyone can start their own blog. But it is important for the creator to have strong understanding in that language in which they will write. Before writing they should know their strong fields and then only, they should start their blog. There are many education blogging, fashion blogging etc which are run by students. But it is important to have knowledge in such fields.

How can a student start their own blog?

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