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Home Tuition Vs Coaching Vs Online Classes

With the advancement in technology and increasing competition, you will never want to take a chance with your academics. Ensuring that you receive a quality education is very essential for a brighter future. Education defines the skills that you possess, the knowledge you attain, the grade you get and how eligible you become. Going to school and studying there only for 5 to 6 hours is not enough for that big thing you aspire for. You certainly need to give in something extra for your career.

What is taught in schools, has now become only a matter of completion of the syllabus in time. It cannot be denied that there are teachers who wish to empower their students with the knowledge they have. But unfortunately, the time table followed by the schools today, do not enable these teachers to look to the needs of each student. They are overburdened with increasing pressure and decreasing time. They are unable to give each student, sufficient time to enable them to use the best of their capabilities. Here arises the need for private tuition and coaching.

A Tuition teacher offers to teach a small group of students or one particular individual at a time. He provides students with personal assistance in the subject he or she wishes to study. However, the method of teaching is old school. He teaches the way teachers teach in schools. While in coaching, the method of teaching remains the same. The change is in the strength of the class. While in some coaching centers, you see a normal class like strength, and in some you see a huge number studying from a single teacher, under one roof.

With the growing technology, we have now many platforms on the internet that offer online tuition. They provide you with the study materials online, which you can download and get them photocopied for your reference. The teaching here is done through previously recorded videos, called video tutorials. These videos are available for the students 24*7, unlike tuition and coaching, where the teacher is available only for a certain fixed number of hours a day.

There are many companies that are earning a lot by offering online tuition to students. In days in these, where the country is under a temporary lock-down, these online tuition can prove to be beneficial for students. You don’t need to go out to study, you just need a laptop or a tablet and a quiet place, where you can sit and listen to the lectures. There are also many online test series offered by online tuition, while you study.

Let us talk about the difference in the method of teaching between the traditional method of teaching and online tuition, concerning the two most important subjects, Science and Mathematics. To teach science, you need to give practical examples to students and maths requires a lot of practice. In the online method of teaching, at max the teacher can show only a visual of the scientific phenomena. However, in tuition and coaching, the teacher can show you these practically.

There are several other harms that these online tuition provide. Despite the benefit of video tutorials, study materials, and online practice tests and online test series Science and Mathematics, provided by the online tuition, they lack far behind the traditional way. These online platforms are not suitable for teaching hands-on skills. While these hands-on skills can be taught very swiftly in offline tuition and coaching, it requires several interactive tools and expertise to teach them online. There are also several distractions that are offered by technology. In the traditional method of teaching, however, the teacher can take control of these distractions and not let the students go astray. It is very different from online tuition, where you are surrounded by several distractions. Also, you tend to procrastinate your assignments, because you lack the strictness and discipline offered in the traditional way of teaching.

Apart from the tuition, coaching, you can also access the different online test series/online practice tests available online, namely,

  1. Online test series Mathematics,
  2. Online test series Physics,
  3. Online test series Chemistry,
  4. Online test series Biology, and
  5. Online test series Science – It containing questions from three subjects

These online practice tests are prepared by experts who are well-versed with the subjects and the standard of examinations.

The online test series Mathematics have a variety of questions from every chapter to enhance your problem-solving capacity. To have a smooth preparation, you should solve these online test series Mathematics, regularly. The questions present these tests will prove beneficial and help you give an insight into the kind of questions that are frequently asked in exams.

The online test series Science contains several questions form all the three subjects to help you learn the subjects thoroughly and to test your preparation. The online test series Physics contains several conceptual as well as analytical questions for your preparation. The questions in the online test series Physics vary from direct formula-based questions to questions that involve more than one concept. The online test series Chemistry contains many equations that might not be listed in your textbooks but are anticipated to be asked in your exam. The diverse range of questions in these online test series chemistry, is very important to gain a good command of Chemistry, as there is no end to the study of chemistry. The online test series Biology has different types of questions that are prepared from the exam point of view. Several diagram based questions asked the online test series Biology will help you memorize the diagrams by heart. You will not be required to take out extra time, only to learn the diagrams.


Home Tuition Vs Coaching Vs Online Classes

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