Combination Of Coaching/Tuition and Online Test Series

If you are taking either coaching or online test series for any subject ,then you should definitely read this article .It is always better to go for  both online test series and  coaching centers. It is like attending a class and then taking exam on the lesson you listened .

What is online test series :

     For students who are preparing for IIT, AIEEE, NEET, OLYMPIAD and other competitive exams you must and should go for both online test series and online practice test.There is lot of difference between online test series and online practice test.

      Online test series will have time limit ,where as online practice test won’t have time limit .Test series is solely for assessing the preparation you have done ,while online practice test is for practicing purpose only .

 Benefits of taking online test series:

1.Your performance can be seen in percentages

2.Number of attempted questions,incorrect answers,correct answers will be shown

3.Difficulty level of questions will also be given

4.Answer key will also be displayed after exam.

5.It will show subject wise percentages .

6.After the test it will also display the areas you made the most mistakes in.

7.Unlimited number of questions are available which means that you will get exposed to variety of questions.

8.Systematic and organized way of writing the exam

9.You get the experience of real exam

Benefits of taking coaching

1 .Well experienced teachers will only be hired by coaching centers.

2.Use these teachers completely to clear any doubts you have

3. Listening is one of the best ways to learn knowledge ,so develop the habit of listening.

4.For beginners they must and should attend coaching centers ,as the timetable prepared by then is very suitable for the exam

5.They will even give you weightage of a particular lesson,making it easy for the students

For students preparing for IIT and AIEEE

1.Then you must and should attempt online test series physics ,online test series chemistry ,online test series maths.

2.Online test series maths will take lot of time ,so always buy / start your online test series maths months before the actual exam. test series maths will have only problems with very few theory questions.

4.For online test series physics ,you need good knowledge about the subject physics ,even though the online test series will have all choose the correct answers ,the questions will be tough .

5.For online test series chemistry ,you need to read all the theory perfectly ,most of the questions in online test series chemistry can be answered if you are well read.

For students who want to appear for NEET :

1.Start online test series biology and online test series science from the school itself . test series science is completely about your memory ,if you can do mind mapping then you can score good marks in online test series science

3.If you are planning to take biology related fields in future,then you must and should take up online test series biology ,try to attempt at least one test in a week and don’t stop this even after completion of school

4.For all the memory based subjects mapping,drawings,revision is the only way to get more marks .

Now the main part ,why should students go for both coaching and test series ?

   Well ,there are many reasons the main  reason  is it is like a whole package .

If you go only for coaching ,then you will forget the class you listened after few days ,only if you apply for a test series related to the coaching you are taking ,then only you will remember the lessons.

Benefits of taking the both  coaching and online test series:

1.When you go for only coaching and not taking up the  tests ,you will completely forget the lesson but if you take test series parallely for the lessons you are taking then you will remember the topic for ever.

2.If the coaching center you are currently going to has its own test series always go for it ,it is better to take up those tests rather than going for other coaching center tests,because the coaching centers will follow a pattern for both teaching and exams .

3.They will make sure that you learnt the subject completely .

4.In the classroom only few problems will be covered ,but if you take tests then you will get exposed to many problems ,so when you solve these problems you won’t face any difficulty in actual exams .It is like mock tests

 Some more tips for students who are going to coaching and taking up tests after the coaching :

1.All coaching centers will teach you shortcuts ,don’t forget to learn all these shortcuts ,they will save lot of time in exams .As time is a very crucial element for these exams you must and should learn shortcuts .

2.Your coaching and test series should go parallel with each other  ,don’t miss any exam for any reasons

3 .It is always better to read previous day lessons before attending a class ,don’t loss focus .

4 .Plan your timetable according to your school time table

5.Some of the topics which are already told in the class will be taught in the coaching centres ,don’t skip these classes .Always attend these

6.Always listen a class like it’s your first time ,then only you will give your complete attention.

7.Solutions for all the wrong answers in test series should be learnt ,and make sure these mistakes won’t happen again .


Combination Of Coaching/Tuition and Online Test Series

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