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2019 CBSE Class 12 Biology question paper analysis

The 2019 CBSE Class 12 Biology examination was conducted on 15th March 2019 between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm with 15 minutes extra allotted for reading time. The question paper’s reception was pretty polarizing, while some found it easy other students found it extremely difficult. It can be safely assumed that the question paper was of medium level difficulty. Biology, being the important subject, it is for science students. Biology plays an important role in boosting their final percentage in their boards’ result.

Highlights of the question paper:

  • The intensity of difficulty was moderately difficult.
  • The questions were mostly directly taken from the NCERT Class 12th Biology book.
  • The paper was not at all lengthy and the time allotted was sufficient.

A brief review of the paper:

Majority of the students finished the paper before time. They also stated that Biology is by far the easiest paper they have appeared in so far. Most of the students found it easy. All the questions were from NCERT books and there was an acute absence of tricky questions. The students hoped to get good marks in the paper. Many of the students also found “Section-C” to be the easiest part of the paper. All the diagrams which were asked in Section-C were considerably easy. As stated by some, the exam was far easier than Chemistry and the students who were not good in Biology also scored around 50 marks. Some also found “Section-D” really easy to attempt. The questions which carried 1 and 2 marks were pretty tricky as they were from the middle of the chapters. As a result of it, they took more time than usual. There were also questions from the 2014 CBSE Board Examination. The students finished the paper well before time and were able to revise properly.

2019 CBSE Class 12 Biology question paper analysis

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